I have always been drawn to animals and the expressiveness inherent in their gestures. When it comes to art, animals provide a unique sense of freedom, as they can be portrayed with a certain degree of imprecision while still maintaining their ability to generate empathy in the viewer.

The Galli series is a collection of paintings born from this pure and honest interest. The subjects were chosen unconsciously and the medium was simple, using the first materials at hand.

After completing the first painting, a fragment of text was taken from the reference image used, an article about “the rooster’s territorial attitude”. This combination of elements generated Attitude, an accidental formula, which gradually evolved into a leitmotif.

When the first paintings were shared on social media, they received positive feedback and some people expressed interest in purchasing them. It is intriguing to consider what these individuals saw in the paintings and how they could have related, empathised, with their subjects. Although the answer may be trivial, I still enjoy contemplating it.

Today the Galli series serves me as a parable on how a work without context and a seemingly apolitical subject can inadvertently generate a commentary of its own.

© Matteo Silverii 2023