Hyḗsou hyiós - vol.2

While the first Hyḗsou hyiós series grew to be linked to a specific technique and medium, the subject of Vesuvius and its meanings were developed in a parallel group of paintings.

This series features larger acrylic-on-canvas paintings that explore in more detail the relationship between destruction and fertility. The focus is on two subjects: the black columns of smoke heralding an imminent eruption, and the Broom, a flower that, despite the adverse conditions, grows to become a prominent feature of the Vesuvian territory, with its intense yellow color dominating the surrounding landscape in spring. As the series progressed, contamination between these two figures emerged, resulting in hybrid forms that merge the cloud and the scrub vegetation.

The technique used to create these works involved short, vertical brush strokes, which aimed to transpose the drawing method previously used into pictorial form. Eventually, this took on an autonomy of its own. These paintings attempt in fact to take the process of abstraction to another level, progressively abandoning the recognisability of the subject.

The series as a whole aims to offer an insight into the volcanic environment, the interaction between nature and destruction, and their possible coexistence.

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